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NEX GEN CEO is a movement of students (elementary through high school) and community influencers who want to change the world through business AND WILL. Join us.



NEX GEN CEO empowers students with the vision, steps, life skills, and tools needed to start their own businesses and serve their communities. Through our NEX GEN CEO clubs, events, and student business fairs, students will learn and grow in entrepreneurship, goal setting, financial literacy, and servant leadership. We provide the time, place, and tools for students to launch student-run businesses that create social impact.



By creating peer-to-peer connections in a positive community with business mentors and coaches, we create a welcoming environment where students can thrive in learning entrepreneurship servant leadership, setting goals, accomplishing dreams, discovering their strengths, and growing into the best versions of themselves.



We value serving and giving back to our local and global community and using business as a means to create a social impact, whether that means fundraising or raising awareness for important causes of students' choice. We believe all students were built to problem-solve and give back. Our NEX GEN CEO clubs and business fairs are the places where students can experience success in business and in giving back to the world.


Do you want to learn how to start your own business? Do you dream about being your own boss? Making some of your own money? Creating something of value with your own hands? But maybe you’re not sure where to begin. Or how to keep your business growing? Or what to do next? What if that dream inside you to make a positive difference in your community was only a few simple steps away? Want to meet other students and community influencers with the same desire to make an impact through entrepreneurship?


NEXGENCEO is here to help you connect with other like-minded peers and develop your idea into a business you can run with. We are a community of servant-leader enthusiasts empowering EVERY student to do good through business. The power to your successful future begins with a single step.

Get started today!


The first step is to email us at Follow us on Instagram @nexgenceoclub to get the latest updates and join our mailing list. There, you'll find info on how to attend our virtual or in-person NEX GEN CEO Club meetings and join us at one of our NEX GEN CEO Student Business Fairs. We are empowering the next generation of diverse entrepreneurs to do good through business. In our student community, you can connect with students and mentors who want to start businesses for social impact and change the world through servant leadership. Join our NEX GEN CEO Clubs, NEX GEN CEO Student Business Fairs, and #bethechange.

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We believe all students have the power to produce positive change by embracing their talents,
accessing their creativity, and developing their potential.

Our Mission

Empowering students to do good through business.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Raising up the next generation of diverse entrepreneurs one student business at a time.

We Need Your Support Today!

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