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About Us

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The Power to Change Your World Begins with a Single Step . . .

Our Story

Hi there! We're so excited to share with you our story in entrepreneurship. It all began in our kitchen 7 years ago . . .

"Mud. Sun-dried, cookie-shaped mud. My jaw dropped, and my heart sank after watching a video of children in Haiti with swollen eyes and empty tummies biting into actual mud "cookies." At eight years old, the desire to live out the quote, "be the change you wish to see in the world," could not have been greater. After many weeks of rallying my friends, flour and sugar coating our entire kitchen, and endless advertising and selling, I finally raised over a thousand dollars to provide Haitians with enough food for a whole year, proving that miracles can be made even out of mud. As I handed in that thousand-dollar check, an overwhelming sense of joy filled my body, and that's the moment when I knew that when entrepreneurship meets passion, the possibilities are endless. NEX GEN CEO is helping empower youth all over the nation to find their passion and make a profit. Are you ready to change the world? Join us on the journey to changing the world, there is no greater time than now." - Kaylee Stavlas, NEX GEN CEO Co-Founder

Meet The Team

We are a community of servant-leader enthusiasts who are crazy enough to believe EVERY student has the power to do good. Entrepreneurship is not just a far-fetched dream, half-time hobby, or future career. It's a positive-life-changing opportunity where big dreamers learn power skills of planning, strategy, and execution while enjoying the sweet satisfaction of achievement.



Start a NEX GEN CEO Club

Do you want to start a NEX GEN CEO Club at your school? We are now accepting applications for student leaders who want to empower their peers to bring social impact through entrepreneurship.

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