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Book Signing at Ham & Yam Festival

Updated: May 13, 2023

On Saturday, May 6, NEX GEN CEO's children's book, You Can Change the World, made it's debut at Smithfield's annual Ham & Yam Festival in Smithfield, NC. At her booth, high school sophomore Kaylee Stavlas, Miss Smithfield's Teen and book author, signed and sold copies while inviting students to her upcoming student business fair.

Illustrated by her Grandmother, Maria O'Brien, a local NC artist, this new book tells the story of a young girl's journey in entrepreneurship and how she was able to raise money and impact a community in need. Based off of the true events of Kaylee's experience starting a business at eight years old, this story encourages children to help problem solve global issues, dream of starting a business of their own, and to think about how they could change the world by doing good.

"I hope my book inspires children that everyone can make a difference, no matter your age or background," Kaylee Stavlas explains.

Following its colorful pages and marking Kaylee's journey to social impact, the book ends with discussion questions to provoke young minds. Questions such as "How would you change the world?" and "What are your talents?" are a few of the questions with lines and room for journaling reflection.

In addition to book signing, the NEX GEN CEO booth had a photo booth, small giveaways, a promotional fliers for the upcoming NEX GEN CEO Student Business fair, which will be held at the Smithfield Recreation and Aquatic Center this Saturday, May 13. Stay tuned to hear about our exciting line up of student businesses and honorary judges, and get ready for Next Generation Entrepreneur Day.

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